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Updated: Jan 31

I have been giving some thought to old age and my future and I came to a revelation. There are many young people in this world that have done great and impressive things in their short time on this earth. They have earned fortunes, become the best in the world at something or become wildly famous. When these youngsters were born they couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, didn’t have any education and knew nothing of the world. They first went to school, presumably for at least 12 years starting at the age of about 5. So many of these young successes were made in just a few short years after graduating high school or even college.

Now here we are in our 50’s? 60’s? Our average life span is about 80 years old. The average, although going down in the US for two years now, generally goes up every year. Many of us will outlive this average which means we could realistically expect to live to 85, 90, 95 or even higher. Some of us have another 40 years in us.

With this in mind our top priority should probably be our health and fitness but lets save that for another day. Let’s talk about our ability to do something great with our lives. We have full use of language, we are already educated and most importantly we have a lifetime of wisdom under our belts. Why can’t we put all those advantages to use and achieve something great. It doesn’t have to be a multi million dollar business or becoming famous. How about we focus on stabilizing our income with a little side hustle? Maybe you want to pick up a hobby or become a volunteer and do something to benefit others. We have talked about this ability to do great things at an older age multiple times but when I looked at it this way it seemed to open up more possibilities.

Let’s start to put all of this collective wisdom to work and go achieve something great.

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Our lives crossed when we were 55 years old. We have similar backgrounds: both growing up in a family of five children and both being divorced for the past 15 years raising kids on our own. 



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