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Shameless Plug…

Updated: Jan 31

I told you all that I would be shamelessly plugging my photography so here goes. This big move I am making in my life is to slow down a bit and to follow my desires to shoot stills. My favorite shooting, as you may be able to tell is landscapes but I also do head shots/portraits . I acquired a space in Roswell GA and have set up shop.

If you are in the Atlanta area give me a call or email me at Tom@TomBurkePhotography.com. You can also check out TomBurkePhotography.com for more pics.

Thanks to Jasmine Glaspie, Atlanta model on instagram @j_monet1

Greg Mitchell, Atlanta actor and Delaney Burke on instagram @delaneyburkee

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Our lives crossed when we were 55 years old. We have similar backgrounds: both growing up in a family of five children and both being divorced for the past 15 years raising kids on our own. 



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