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While the picture above is actually Orvieto, the second major stop during the Italy trip was Bolsena in Northern Lazio. This was an awesome stop. Sitting on the shore of a large lake, Bolsena is a centuries old town with lots of history. It’s claim to fame is that the miracle of Corpus Christi occurred here in 1263 AD wherein the eucharist bled in the hands of a doubting priest. We stayed in what amounts to a castle. The old town is built into a hill with narrow walkways, stone everywhere, dark, dank cellars… it’s awesome. Did I mention it was awesome?

Our apartment was in “the castle” and it looked like a castle but had all the amenities of a nice modern home. And the price was right. The owner was also our driver. He took me for a ride in his WWII era Dodge army jeep. That was the most bad ass ride I have ever taken. The town is small and the Italian lifestyle was in full force. not too many tourist here. I would walk downtown and get some bread from the bakery then walk to the butcher for our meats and then walk to the produce stand for whatever happened to be in season locally. That was the really cool thing about it, we felt like Italians, not tourists.

For a little more touristy action we took a day trip to Orvieto. Much history there too. Popes used to vacation in Orvieto, which sits atop a plateau with one road and a funicular leading to the top. It is a fabulous looking place but much more touristy than Bolsena. The light shines through these little towns beautifully. Everything seems to always be back lit and it makes for beautiful pictures.

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