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Old Dog, New Tricks

Updated: Jan 31

This blog is geared toward people of a certain age. Empty nesters, retirees or anyone who wants to tackle changing their world for the better and living the life they have always dreamed. It is never too late but it is, without question, difficult. Changing your life requires, in virtually all cases, by definition, changing your habits, We have all heard the saying that doing the same things and expecting a different result is the definition of crazy. Well, it’s true.

I recently started using a free app called Habit List. It allows you to create habits and track your daily success at keeping them. Pretty simple stuff but I find it very powerful in that it creates accountability in oneself. There are plenty of options out there if Habit List doesn’t look appealing to you.

I don’t mind sharing a couple of habits that I am tracking. Quitting drinking would be a biggie. I have drank way to much in the past. My goal is no drinking at all so when I finish a day without alcohol I can give it a positive check. I’m not batting 1000% on any of my habits but it’s about progress, not perfection. I have cut my consumption by probably 75% and that is not nothing. Another would be to play or create something everyday which I find incredibly important to a healthy physche. Exercise is on the list as are sticking to a diet plan and reading or learning something everyday.

I doubt that I will ever be perfect in all of my new healthy habits that I am trying to form but, like most goals, the real gains come from the effort not the goal itself. If I live consciously and work toward these good habits every day then I believe that I will be a much better and well rounded person for it.

As for habits and trying to change your life at an older age, well, I think it is obviously critical. You will have to change physical habits as well as mental habits. Stop what Zig Zigler called Stinkin Thinkin. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Improve your self talk. You can track these mental habits in an app too I suppose but you are going to have to be really honest with yourself. The bottom line is change your story change your life.

If you want to chase your dreams get ready and buckle up, it will likely be one of the biggest challenges of your life but it is well worth it and you can do it.


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