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Gentle reminder, well actually it may be the first time I have said this but this blog is going to be heavy on photography. Travel for sure, motivation, yes but I am a photographer. Maybe in the future I will create a section of the blog for photographers but for now that is what my hiatus is really about so with that in mind lets go. I have been to Italy a couple of times before and was dying to get back. My girlfriend, Peggy, had never been so we went on a 10 day vacation.

Frankly, Rome was not a thrill for me. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta and, while I appreciate what the city has to offer, I would just as soon stay where I am, OTP…. outside the perimeter. Likewise, while I appreciate all of the great sites and attractions that Rome offers, it was just another big, busy city to me. I enjoyed myself much more when we made our way to the Mediterranean coast, an area called Cinque Terre or 5 towns. These towns happen to be high above the sea, hanging tightly onto the cliffside. There is a trail, the ‘Sentiero Azzura’ or the Blue Path, that connects the five towns, high above the sea that is the most beautiful hike I have ever done. It even comes with it’s own musical accompaniment. Really, this guy was in the middle of the trail….Cinque Terre accordian

Now I was traveling with someone and that is alway great but it usually doesn’t help me create photographic masterpieces. I really need to differentiate between a pleasure trip with friends and loved ones or a trip that is photography centered. This was more a pleasure trip but I managed to get some good snaps.

This was my first trip with my new Sony A7rIII. It is a beautiful, mirrorless camera with a 42 mega pixel, full frame sensor. I just have one lens at the moment, a Sony 24-70mm 2.8. I tend to shoot HDR mostly but with the resolution of this camera I may be able to get away with single images.

As always, You can see all of my photography and even purchase prints at TomBurkePhotography.com

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