Mike Sena

Fired from his first two corporate jobs, Mike figured out that he was not a good fit for the Fortune 500. He’s been on his own ever since, owning and operating several businesses. Along the way, he learned a lot about life, money and success. A father, speaker, author and polo player, Mike works now to restore order in people’s lives, helping them make the most of what they have, live more in the present and feel comfortable about an unknown future. 

Mike is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner ® and registered investment advisor with Supporting Your Choices, Inc. He doesn’t sell anything but his skills and experience and advice. He thinks that helps keep him objective with your money and your life. 

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Anthony Wilkins

Anthony  is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (2005) & Titleist Performance Institute (2009) Certified Personal Trainer.  He has been with Alloy Personal Training since 2005 and has been the co-owner of Alloy Personal Training for Women in Suwanee, GA since 2016.

Anthony’s training philosophy is a simple one…it is NEVER too late to begin your health and fitness journey and exercise is for everyone! The moment that you stop moving is the moment that you begin to die!

Anthony trains people of all ages but has created a series of programs and workouts just for Geezrs and their specific needs and issues.

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About Us

Our lives crossed when we were 55 years old. We have similar backgrounds: both growing up in a family of five children and both being divorced for the past 15 years raising kids on our own. 



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