Make growing older the

coolest thing you've ever done!

A little self deprecation never hurt anybody right? Well, we are just a couple of old Geezrs who are working hard to stay healthy and active. We would like to help you do the same through lifestyle advice and inspirational stories from people like us. We are just starting out and building the community so bear with us as we go through our growing pains.

The Geezrs

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Mike Sena, CFP is our money guru.Click above to learn more about him.

Tom and Peg created to help teach, inspire and motivate others in their journey forward into their next chapter.

Anthony Wilkins is our fitness Guru and certified personal trainer specializing in women's fitness

About Us

Our lives crossed when we were 55 years old. We have similar backgrounds: both growing up in a family of five children and both being divorced for the past 15 years raising kids on our own. 



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